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Career Opportunities

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We are always looking for new Rebels!

Our ideal Rebel is someone who wants to constantly learn and grow, someone who isn't afraid of trying new things and experiment with new ideas and techniques.

If you're in love with customer service and thrive in a team setting you're probably gonna get along with us.

Rebel is a safe place for our clients so inclusion and acceptance is key!

We love coffee, music, a fancy cocktail, a good field trip and weird space stuff. We want someone who can  jive with us and help add to our "special sauce". 

What's in it for me?!

  • In salon training 1-2 times a month (green stylists & apprentices)

  • Educator/facilitator opportunities (seasoned stylists)

  • Outside education opportunities, possibly a field trip!

  • In house growth opportunities, we like to get creative with your unique path! (in every position)

  • One on one coaching and mentorship

  • Paid vacation and sick time

  • 401K retirement planning

Growing our team is awesome so if this feels like a vibe then fill out the application at the bottom of the page.


We don't f%#k around with education AND we have some pretty high standards. 

Apprenticeship with one of our master stylists allows our fresh Rebels to be able to experiment and actually learn what you thought you would learn in beauty school. This program teaches you everything from technical to business skills and helps set you up for a successful career as a badass stylist.


So what's all this look like?

 First off, we need to know you're ready for the challenge. 

When our apprentices graduate to stylists, we have an open call for auditions. That's where you come in! Every audition is slightly differant but what were really looking for is if you give a stellar shampoo, a photo ready blowout, and have great customer care skills. 

We are looking to groom the best in the industry so once you pass your audition: 

2+ classes with a master stylist each month

Model days available each week

all while performing at a high level with our master stylists during working hours. This, at times, can be an intense roll. 

If this sounds like you, apply for the opportunity to audition for our next round of apprentices. 

Hair Stylist

What we look for in a hair stylist is a high level of training and professionalism. We love working together and getting each others feedback on larger hair projects, working as a team is important to us. As stylists, we love education! Whether it's getting educated ourselves or, for our seasoned stylists, being the educator to help grow our green stylists and apprentices. Good customer service, of course, is key. You need to be able to hit metrics, manage your time, space, and to a certain extent, your appointments. The best part of our job... being an artist and creating incredible hair!

(NJ Cosmetology license required)

Stylist Apprentice

What we are looking for is someone who is determined to do the hard work to get their chair. You will be working closely with one or more of our master stylists and lend a helping hand around the salon. This position is more hands on than a salon assistant so your basic core skills (shampoo, blowout, glaze application) need to be stelar. You will also have some of the higher responsibilities like opening and/or closing the salon, lite inventory and reception responsibilities and sometimes even taking before and after pics/videos. Check our "apprenticeship" section for more details. 

(Cosmetology license or permit required)

Salon Assistant

This position if for someone in beauty school or fresh out. Some of your responsibilities may include opening and closing of salon, shampooing, assisting stylists, maintaining salon cleanliness, keeping track of stock and inventory, selling retail products, answering phones and booking appointments. We look for someone with the drive to learn and become masters of the shampoo bowl and slayers of the perfect blowout. Once those core skills have been attained and mastered, it's time to audition for an apprenticeship. 

(Cosmetology license or permit preferred)

Front Desk/Receptionist

Our front desk receptionist is the first person you see walking in the door. What we look for is someone who embodies a warm inclusive welcome into our space. It's necessary to be a multitasker and a customer service guru. The day to day is checking clients in and out, booking appointments, enforcing policies, answering customers' inquiries about salon services etc. Our modes of communication are through call, text, email, social media and/or face to face. We love a spreadsheet and a tech friendly moment! There will be times you need to process inventory shipments, keep retail shelves stocked, and make lite updates on wix, google business, and google calendar. And of course, process payments and re-book clients for their next visit.


(Customer service experience preferred) 

Career Opportunity

Thanks for submitting! One of our Rebels will get back to you soon.

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