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Fiona is a passionate hairstylist with over 5 years of experience. As an Evo Hair educator, she shares her expertise with other stylists, promoting high-quality, eco-friendly beauty. Fiona specializes in creative coloring, delivering fun and expressive looks. She values genuine, collaborative experiences with her clients and loves getting to know them personally. Beyond the salon, Fiona has also managed events and inventory, showcasing her versatile business skills.

“I’m grateful for every head I’ve touched and story I’ve heard” - Fiona

Instagram - @magic.mirr0r


Level 1 Stylist


Who doesn't love a good reward?!

Earn 10 points per hour up to 30 points!

When you've accumulated at least 100 points you can use them towards the first hour of your service. 

Check your Vagaro app to see how many points you have, or ask us at your next appointment. 

When you accumulate 100 points you get 10% off your first hour. 

When you accumulate 150 points you get 15% off your first hour.

When you accumulate 200 points you get 20% off your first hour.

Points can only be used towards services.

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