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Julianna has trained under Marisa, a master Stylist and the owner of Rebel hair Studio, as her apprentice for the past 2 years and is now building her own clientele behind the chair. Committed to enhancing each client's unique style, she stays updated on the latest trends to deliver modern and stylish looks. From a young age she knew she was made for the beauty world. She is someone who has the gift of hair coming very naturally to her. She thrives on designing effortless lived in looks, vivid hair transformations and color blocking, as well tailored haircuts whether your seeking a classic or funky look. Book with Jules to join her journey to craft not just hairstyles, but experiences that make her clients feel confident and beautiful through style and self-expression. With Jules you can co-create the perfect look tailored just for you.

Instagram - @Killerxkutz

Venmo - @Jkeller822

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Who doesn't love a good reward?!

Earn 10 points per hour up to 30 points!

When you've accumulated at least 100 points you can use them towards the first hour of your service. 

Check your Vagaro app to see how many points you have, or ask us at your next appointment. 

When you accumulate 100 points you get 10% off your first hour. 

When you accumulate 150 points you get 15% off your first hour.

When you accumulate 200 points you get 20% off your first hour.

Points can only be used towards services.

Special Certifications

Julianna's Stylist Certification
Julianna's Barbicide certification
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