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Angie has been around hair forever! She's got a passion for learning and is dedicated to her growth. With experience working as a blowout specialist, she's great with thick coarse hair! She excels natural coloring techniques, big color projects, and styling. Having been Marisa's apprentice for over a year, she's learned many different techniques and continues to expand knowledge through content continuing education. Angie is actively working towards specializing in color corrections.

Instagram - @Looks_By_Angie

Venmo - @Angie_xx00

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Level 2 Stylist


Who doesn't love a good reward?!

Earn 10 points per hour up to 30 points!

When you've accumulated at least 100 points you can use them towards the first hour of your service. 

Check your Vagaro app to see how many points you have, or ask us at your next appointment. 

When you accumulate 100 points you get 10% off your first hour. 

When you accumulate 150 points you get 15% off your first hour.

When you accumulate 200 points you get 20% off your first hour.

Points can only be used towards services.

Special Certifications

Angie Galindo COVID-19 Certification
Angie Galindo Barbicide Certification
Angela, Barbicide Cert
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