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The education you thought you'd get in cosmetology school

Unleash Your Creative Potential: Join Rebel Hair Studio's New Education Program

Rebel Hair Studio is an innovative hair salon and education center, dedicated to helping its clients and students achieve their hair-related goals. We are proud to announce that we are launching a new education program for professionals and cosmetology students, a sort of 'masters program'. Sign up below for our newsletter to always be in the know of our classes and get access to discount codes!
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Color Education

Hair color is a beautiful relationship between Chemistry, Biology, and Art. Our master colorists simplify the interactions of these three components while training your artistic eye.

To be a great colorist you must understand the fundamentals of color theory, the hairs anatomy, and the chemical makeup of the products you are using. With this knowledge, there is nothing you can't do.  

Cutting Education

We teach hair cutting a bit differently.

To become a great haircutter, you need to be able  to understand why hair moves the way it does and how to manipulate it into doing what you want it to do.

This is what we teach.

Some of our classes may highlight a specific haircut but rather than leaving with an understanding of that one cut, you will leave with an understanding of techniques that can be applied to anyones hair.

Soft Skills Education

These are things you never thought you'd need to know as a hairstylist. 

It includes a deep dive into your consultation and communication skills, boundaries, psychology, marketing, etiquette, reading body language etc.

Knowing how to effectively communicate is one of the most valuable tools we, as hairstylists, have. 

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