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Est. 2019

Rebel is a luxury hair salon providing exceptional hair care to the NJ area from thriving professionals while setting an eco conscious example for the beauty industry.

Founder and CEO, Marisa Critelli (Strazza), has built this salon company from the ground up with the knowledge, mentoring, and expertise she has gained over the past 16+ years. Rebel's employees are all extensively trained in technical skills and Rebel salon culture and not to mention are just all around lovely people. The standards set by Marisa are higher than your average salon. Expect to be truly taken care of and leave feeling heard and beautiful at the end of your visit. We are a family and treat our clients and eachother with love and respect. 

The footprint we leave on the earth is extremely important to us! This is why we participate in a special recycling service from Green Circle Salons to help put our beauty waste to good use. 

Green Circle Salons helps collect upto 90% of our waste in the salon. For more information on how they do what they do, visit

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