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Strazza Beauty LLC

Est. 2019

Rebel is a luxury hair salon providing exceptional hair care to folks in the NJ area. These thriving professionals are setting an eco conscious example for the beauty industry by using only responsibly sourced products and continuously looking for ways to do and be better.
Founder and CEO, Marisa Critelli (Strazza), has built this salon company from the ground up with the knowledge, mentoring, and expertise she has gained over the past 16+ years. Rebel's employees are all extensively trained in technical skills, Rebel salon culture and not to mention are just all around lovely people. The standards set by Marisa are higher than your average salon. Bringing New York standard to New Jersey, expect to be truly taken care of and leave feeling heard and beautiful at the end of your visit. 
A big part of our origin story revolves around Covid. Our ability to shift and evolve at the drop of a dime and still succeed has shown us we are capable of so much and we are excited to grow our company with the right people. 

What makes Rebel a safe space?

Rebel has always been a safe space for all humans to enter no matter your gender, orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

  • We welcome all gender identities. We believe hair has no gender, therefore all of our services are based off of length of hair and complexity of the service.

  • We make a note of prefered pronouns so all of our rebels can respect your identity. 

  • We also believe that hair is hair regardless of texture, therefore we continuously educate our Rebels on all hair types.

  • We created a "special accommodations" menu for folks who wear a hijab so we can book our salon accordingly around these appointments.

Now in terms of Covid-19, here's what we've done:

  • We continue to have a strong pulse on what does and doesn't work for running a safe and clean work space. You can expect to feel safe in our salon space. 

  • Our entire team, including support staff, is certified in Covid specific sanitation & disinfection through Barbicide and are trained in any active Rebel policies. 

  • Of course, every nook and cranny of Rebel continues to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We have always taken pride in our high standards of cleanliness and will continue to adapt as needed.

  • We are still offering "Take Out" options for select services. Ask a Rebel if you'd like more info.

NEW Covid-19 Updates
as of March 2022

Masks are optional in the salon.

Rebel Hair Studio is proud to be a

Certified Green Circle Salon

green circle salon logo no

Did you ever wonder what happened to all of the foils in your hair? We thought about the waste the beauty industry generates daily and decided to do better. Green Circle Salons provides the world’s first, and North America’s only, sustainable salon solution to recover and repurpose beauty waste, ensuring that we can help keep people and the planet beautiful.

We're proud to be Rebels, as the first Green Circle Salon in Essex County, New Jersey! We are pleased to see other salons following in our footsteps to help minimize our footprint.

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