Safety first!

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What makes Rebel a safe space?

Rebel has always been a safe space for all humans to enter no matter your gender, orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

Now in terms of Covid-19, here's what we've done... 

We continue to have a strong pulse on what does and doesn't work for running a safe and clean work space. you can expect to feel safe in our salon space. 
All of our employees have taken extensive training on Rebel's new systems and procedures regarding cleaning & disinfecting, new active policies, social distancing in and out of the salon, adaptive time management and more. 

Our entire team, including support staff, is certified in Covid specific sanitation & disinfection through Barbicide. See their certificates in their bios linked below.
Of course, every nook and cranny of Rebel has been and continues to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We have always taken pride in our high standards of cleanliness and will continue to adapt as needed.
All of our capes and towels are washed on a

sanitation cycle.

You have always been able to book your appointment through the Vagaro app. Now we can process your payment through the app as well! This eliminates person to person contact at checkout.


A mandatory Cleaning & Disinfecting service with a charge of $6.50 is applied to every appointment to ensure a safe and sterile environment for every person that enters and leaves Rebel.
We are offering new "Take Out" options for select services to minimize contact and exposure.
To find out more, click HERE
We will not be serving any beverages or refreshments at this time.

The recycling program we use, Green Circle Salons, has provided us with a sustainability plan to remain as eco friendly as possible. We will minimize single-use items wherever possible, while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.


-We are well stocked with cleaning & disinfectant products and PPE.

*NEW* Important Covid-19 Updates starting June 7th, 2021.

If you are fully vaccinated and wish to go mask free during your service, it is strongly suggested that you bring your vaccination card to your appointment. You only need to present it to one appointment.

Our Rebel Team will continue wearing masks during business hours until July 1, 2021.

Clients will have the option to be served with a masked stylist/assistant until August 1, 2021. We will ask about your preferences when we check you in. 

See our Rebels Barbicide Certificates


Wait... What?!

We know this is a bit unconventional for a salon to do take out, but we want to make sure we can get as many of you in as safely as possible, so this is how we've adapted!! 
This is a quick in-and-out service (15 - 30 minutes max) that gives you the least amount of exposure while still having a professional outcome.

The service works like this: You come in, we apply, you take it out at home.
Much like a restaurant, your take out can be prepaid online or over the phone. 

You can add product to your order and it will be ready for you upon your arrival. 

Just like a restaurant, "Take Out" is the same price as "Dine In".

These options are for pre-existing Rebel clients only. We will be using the color formula we have for you on file. If there are any changes to your color, Take Out may not be the option for you. 

**Make sure your drive home is within the time frame of the services processing time.

If you live far away, Take Out may not be the option for you.

The services that include this option are:

Single Process - Application Time: 15 min.

Processing time: 35-45 min.

Glaze - Application Time: 10-15 min.

Processing time: 15-20 min.​ **This will overprocess if left on for too long

Treatment - Application Time: 10 min.

Processing time: 10-30 min.​ 

Dry Cut - Appointment Time: 15 min.

Processing time: NA - Come with your hair clean, dry and smooth or curly depending on your texture and how you mainly style your hair. This is a minimal cut for the face frame, fringe and lengths of your hair. No layers, shampoo or styling.

 Wet Cut - Appointment Time: 30 min.

Processing time: NA - Come in with your hair clean and wet. This is a full haircut including layers. No shampoo or styling.

What to expect from us

Click HERE to view the new changes to our policies and procedures including our cancelation policy.

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Contactless Greeting
We LOVE hugs BUT we need to limit our contact especially face to face.
We will not be hugging, shaking hands, or high-fiveing. 
Once our state is Covid free, you best believe we're giving out all the hugs!!

When You Walk In
When you enter through our front door, you will receive a quick questionnaire. We advise that if you are sick or symptomatic, to please reschedule your appointment.

For more information about this click HERE

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment 
Our staff will wear a mask up until July 1st, and then have the option to go maskless if they are vaccinated and choose to do so!

Clean Hands

As part of our cleaning & disinfecting procedure, we wash or sanitize our hands before and after every appointment, every time we take our gloves off, everytime we touch a doorknob, etc. We wash and sanitize our hands pretty much after everything we do.

Clean tools and workstations
We have strict cleaning & disinfecting procedures in place for before and after every client. 
We have come up with a system that will allow us to efficiently comply with proper disinfectant 

contact time.

Contact time is the time that a disinfectant needs to stay wet on a surface in order to ensure its efficacy.


We promise to be our goofy, fun loving selves, just with a little less contact

and a lot more PPE!!


What we expect from you as a Rebel client

Wear a mask that loops around your ears to your appointment

(Does not apply to those who present a vaccination card, unless you still choose to wear one!)

Keep in mind if you are getting color your mask may be stained and get wet during the process. We will have disposable masks available if you need.

Another tip is to wrap a small strip of plastic wrap around the ear loops to protect them.

Proper way to wear your mask.png

We ask you to wear your mask properly for the entire appointment with your nose covered all the way down to the bottom of your chin.

You are absolutely allowed to step out during processing time to take your mask off and enjoy a beverage you may have brought.

This is an adorable example on how not to wear your mask.
Do not expose your nose.

Come to your appointment solo and on time

Anyone without an appointment will not be allowed in.

If you are late it will count as a cancellation, please don't be late!

Expect to receive the service you booked

We don't have "wiggle room" in our day anymore, so unfortunately, we can't squeeze in a cut. You can contact your stylist via Instagram, found in their bio, for a consultation to figure out what you will need to book. 

Our time is very limited so we ask that you don't "over book". If you book for a single process and a haircut, that is what you will get, not one or the other. 

Reschedule if you are sick or symptomatic

You should also reschedule if you have been around a sick or symptomatic person.

Please reschedule as soon as you feel symptoms so we have plenty of time to fill your spot.

We will not service any client with any symptoms in compliance with our Refusal of Service Policy.

All of us remaining healthy is more important than your appointment.

Wash and/or sanitize your hands
You will be asked to sanitize your hands when you come in. You are expected to keep your hands clean throughout your visit. We provide sanitizer at the front door, the front desk, and every station. 
Rule of thumb - If you don't need to touch something, don't. This will keep your hands and our surfaces extra clean. 

Gender Pronouns

Please feel free to inform us of your pronouns if you'd like these specified by your stylist and our staff! We are an LGBTQ+ friendly salon and want our guests to feel the most comfortable in our space.

Refreshments are back!

We are offering complimentary refreshments during your appointment such as coffee, tea, and water.


How do I book an appointment?

You can check availability by clicking the button below or call us at 201-509-9986

If you don't know what to book or are not sure what you really want, book a consultation. We can do this in person or virtually via facetime, instagram, google meet or zoom.